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Mr. K. Chandrasekar
Managing Director Member of REAP /NAR India/NAR US

Profile of Mr.K.Chandrasekar- MD of RAPRO

Mr. K Chandrasekar, the Founder and Managing Director of Rapro, is a man of inimitable principle and business acumen. With over 27+ years of experience as a leader in the industry, he has made many professional strides in Property Management, NRI Consultancy, Buying and Selling, Repairs, Renovations and much more. He holds innumerable accolades to his name for his contributions and achievements and continues to guide hundreds of professionals under his wing.

With roots in Thiruvaiyaru, (Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu), Mr. Chandrasekar was born on 8th January 1976, and grew up under the tutelage of his father, Mr.N.Kaliyamurthi a PWD contractor, and his mother, Mrs.K.Rajam, a homemaker. A graduate of Business Administration, he has undertaken several specialized courses from USAID to cement his expansive knowledge and sound professional attitude

In 1995, Mr.Chandrasekar founded Rajam Property Management Services, striving to provide honest and top-quality solutions for every aspect of property management. Over the past 27 years, Rapro has established itself as the foremost provider of all end-to-end services for housing and property management. With offices in three different locations— Chennai, Thanjavur and Coimbatore,  Rapro  is now trusted by 500+ long-term customers across the globe for a wide variety of operations.

Mr. Chandrasekar has, over the years, donned many a prestigious feather in his cap. He is a recipient of various highly coveted awards, including the Star Achiever Award for Property Management 2009 by the National Integrated Cultural Academy, and the Indian Achievers Award for Construction and Design in 2010 from the All India Achievers Foundation for his outstanding contribution to National development in the year 2010. He has also achieved numerous credentials from NAR India, USAID, RICS, ICREA for his immaculate proficiency and successful ventures. Mr. Chandrasekar is a member of the National Association of Realtors, USA and Member of NAR India / REAP Chennai.

On the personal front, Mr. Chandrasekar is supported in his endeavors by his wife, Mrs. C. Kavitha, son  C. Hari  Preeth and daughter  C.Tejil.

Mr. Chandrasekar remains committed to providing the best quality services and solutions for all aspects of property management by gracing Rapro with his sound knowledge and leadership

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